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About Us

About us: Since 2006 our chefs have been preparing the most delicious and healthy lentil soups for you! With a lot of love for taste, of course 100% organic and completely vegan.

The specialty of the house is red lentil soup. The basic recipe is an old traditional family recipe from our chef's grandmother. Over the years the recipe has been passed down from generation to generation, refined and improved. We only work with honest, fresh and organic ingredients and you can taste that! Quality and sustainability are central to us. In addition, our chefs work with scientists who study cancer drugs. This way we guarantee that our soups are as healthy and natural as possible. 

Our story starts in 2006, when the Garabitian family started a restaurant. The absolute favorite on the menu is our famous red lentil soup. After more than 10,000 enthusiastic customers expressed their appreciation for our recipe of the house, the decision was made in 2015 to start our company Naturally Tasty with this unique product. Now everyone worldwide can enjoy our healthy organic soup!

Taste the years of experience of Naturally Tasty!

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Do you want to eat healthy and responsible food at an affordable price? And do you want to be surprised by the unique flavors of our artisanal soups? Then order your soup package!

Soup for all

We believe it is important for everyone to be able to eat responsibly and healthily at an affordable price. Whether you are one person or a whole family, at home or at work. Thanks to the choice between a 225 gram or 500 gram cup of soup, there is something for everyone. In addition, we believe it is important that the soup is accessible and affordable for everyone. Because with our vegan lentil soup, healthy and responsible eating or organic products do not have to be expensive at all. 

The base of our lentil soups is red lentils. Red lentils are a source of protein, are high in calcium, vitamin B and magnesium and have a high iron content. Red lentils are very good for your health, especially in combination with the fresh herbs we use in our soups. Of course no added sugars or fats are used, we only use organic ingredients. Thanks to the multiple slow carbohydrates, the soup fills up well and the lentil soup can serve well as a meal soup. In recent years we have developed the basic lentil soup into 6 different flavors. Feel free to look in our shop for your favorite flavor! 

Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Naturally Tasty think it is important to give something back to people, the environment and society. We do this through our user-friendly and responsible packaging with FSC label. In addition, Naturally Tasty is the only company in the Netherlands that offers its products with Braille on the packaging. This is a godsend for people who are blind or visually impaired.

In addition, we donate one euro from each order to the SeeYou Foundation. This foundation has been dedicated to helping people with visual impairments in Africa and Asia since 1982. Our soups are not only delicious and perfect for your health, but with every order you help people who really need it. 

To further emphasize our social commitment and to give a boost to our heroes in the care sector, we surprised thousands of people in the care sector with free soup during the Corona crisis. Care workers as well as seniors in hospitals, nursing homes and food banks were able to enjoy our warming soup. We even visited more than 40 single seniors in Weurt in cooperation with CooP to hand out free soup. 

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