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Corporate Social Responsibility

Soup for all

We believe it is important for everyone to be able to eat responsibly and healthily at an affordable price. Whether you are one person or a whole family, at home or at work. Thanks to the choice between a 225 gram or 500 gram cup of soup, there is something for everyone. In addition, we believe it is important that the soup is accessible and affordable for everyone. Because eating healthy and responsible and enjoying organic products with our vegan lentil soup does not have to be expensive. Because that is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). 

Responsible soup

The soups we make are not only delicious, healthy and affordable, but also 100% organic and vegan. Our quality is partly guaranteed by our BIO Certificate. Thanks to the massive votes of enthusiastic customers and soup lovers, we are already 3 years in a row nominated in the TOP 5 of organic products! More than 40.000 soup lovers have tasted our delicious soups during fairs, in supermarkets and organic stores.

But our innovation goes even further. In collaboration with scientists, the composition of our ingredients is constantly being improved. Our soup is free of preservatives and pesticides. Thanks to our innovative production techniques, our soups have a shelf life of up to 55 days! This is unique in the Netherlands for freshly prepared soups without preservatives and we are proud that we can guarantee and offer our customers this quality. 


We think it is important to give something back to people, the environment and society. That is why we donate € 1 of every order to See You Foundation. This Foundation has been working for visually impaired people in Africa and Asia since 1982. We have also participated in a Fundraising Campaign for the SeeYou Foundation! Our soups are not only delicious and perfect for your health, but at the same time, with every order you make, you help people who desperately need it.

In addition, during the Corona crisis, we delighted over 6.500 people with a warm, healthy and hearty soup. To give a boost to our heroes in the healthcare industry, we provided free soup to healthcare workers in hospitals, nursing homes and during night shifts. We believe it is important that everyone always has access to an affordable, healthy and nutritious meal, whether you have time to cook or not. 

Free Soup during Crisis

A small sample of the many nursing homes, hospitals and food banks where we have put employees in the limelight with free soup:

- De Waalboog Nijmegen (3 locations in Nijmegen)

- Catharina Hospital (Eindhoven)

- ZZG Zorggroep de Horizon (Nijmegen)

- St Antonius Hospital (Utrecht, Nieuwegein and Woerden)

- Rivierenland Hospital (Tiel)

- Rijnstate Hospital (Arnhem)

- IJsselheem Margaretha Care Centre (Kampen)

- Food bank (Kampen)

- Isala Hospital (Zwolle)

- Het Zanddonkhuis Care home (Beuningen)

- The Malderburch Care Home (Malden)

- 40 Single Seniors - Residential Complex (Weurt)

- Kalorama Center for the deaf and blind (Beek - Berg en Dal)

We even visited more than 40 single seniors in Weurt in cooperation with CooP to hand out free soup. 

Some of these donations were made possible in collaboration with our fantastic partners, such as Green Organics, CoopCompact Wouters, Ekoplaza Nijmegen, Plus Visser Malden. Now that's what we call corporate social responsibility (CSR)!

Would you like to order 100% organic and responsible soup? Try all 6 flavors!

Proud of our partners


A great example of all the efforts we make to engage with people, society and the environment is our special packaging for the blind and visually impaired.

In the Netherlands alone, more than 350.000 are blind or visually impaired. It is very difficult for this specific group to do their shopping. That is why we have integrated Braille writing on our soup packaging. In this way they can still see what is written on the packaging. And this in no less than three languages, Dutch, French and German. 

In this way we show that we are very involved in society in all possible ways. 

Our packaging

The packaging of our soups bears the FSC Hallmark. This is an international quality mark that is committed to the preservation of responsible forest management worldwide. For every tree that is cut down, new trees are planted. In this way we protect our forests, rainforests and flora and fauna. Our packaging is made of recyclable plastic, this makes our packaging completely environmentally friendly. We are proud that we can contribute in this way to a better living environment for people and animals.

In addition, in collaboration with scientists, a special and extra-thick seal has been developed, extending the shelf life of our daily fresh soups to up to 55 days. And all that without preservatives, only on a natural basis. So we can proudly contribute to less food waste and less CO2 emissions (CSR!).